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In a default Mac OS X v10.9 file system, which of these is an absolute path to the home folder for

a user account named becky?

A. ./becky/

B. ~/becky/

C. Users/becky/

D. /Users/becky/

Correct Answer: D














Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below.

Last login: Thu Jul 2 15:22:17 on ttys00

Lab-Mac-1:~ admin$

You open Terminal on your Mac OS X v10.9 computer, and see the window displayed in the

screenshot above. What does the “~” indicate?

A. The current shell.

B. The current working directory.

C. The path to the admin command.

D. An argument passed to the admin command.

Correct Answer: B




You enter the command rm -R /Applications/Exec.app in the default shell in a Mac OS X Terminal

window. What role does the string “/Applications/Exec.app” play in this command?

A. A flag that redirects the command.

B. A switch that modifies the argument.

C. An option that modifies the command.

D. The command that the shell executes.

E. The argument that the command acts on.

Correct Answer: E




In a default installation of Mac OS X, which user accounts can run the sudo command?

A. User accounts defined in the /var/sudoers file.

B. User accounts defined as members of the staff group.

C. User accounts defined as members of the admin group.

D. User accounts that have the Terminal application listed in the System tab of Parental Controls


Correct Answer: C




Which Terminal command allows an admin user to execute a command as the root user in Mac


A. sudo

B. root

C. exec

D. alias

Correct Answer: A




Which statement describes the function of the Services menu item in Mac OS X?

A. It displays the status of active host connections.

B. It configures the network interfaces for a particular port.

C. It provides a list of running processes for each user on the system.

D. It allows you to access features of one application from within another application.

Correct Answer: D




Which of these lets you build a workflow in Mac OS X by dragging actions from a library?

A. Terminal

B. Automator

C. Services menu

D. AppleScript Editor


Correct Answer: B




Review the screenshot of a portion of the Disk Utility application window, and then answer the

question below.

Which statement best describes the “149.1 GB ST3160023AS Media” item that appears in the

screenshot above?

A. It is a volume with three partitions.

B. It is a hard disk with three partitions.

C. It is a partition with three file systems.

D. It is a RAID set made from three hard disks.


Correct Answer: B




Which process will let you start up a computer in target disk mode?

A. Start up the computer from the Mac OS X Install DVD, then choose Target Disk Mode from

the Utilities menu.

B. Hold down the S key on the keyboard while the computer starts up, then type the command

reboot -target.

C. Hold down the T key on the keyboard while the computer starts up, until a FireWire icon

appears on the screen.

D. Hold down the Option key on the keyboard while the computer starts up, until a dialog

appears, then select Target Disk Mode from the dialog.


Correct Answer: C




The function of journaling in the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system is to ________.

A. provide a backup of user files

B. provide support for Spotlight searches

C. protect volume integrity in cases of unexpected shutdown

D. provide support for resource forks, extended attributes, and metadata


Correct Answer: C

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