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Review the screenshot and answer the question below.




You downloaded an app using Safari. When you try to open the app, you see the message shown

above. What is a possible explanation?


A.    The app was signed using a certificate from an unknown authority.

B.     The certificate needed to decrypt this app cannot be found in the keychain.

C.    Gatekeeper has recognized that the app was altered after it was signed.

D.    The sandbox into which the app was downloaded by the quarantine system has become



Correct Answer: C




Which procedure will permit only the Marketing group to access a website hosted on OS X



A.      Using Server app, double-click the website from the list of websites, add a realm, and enable

Allowed Access for the Marketing group.

B.      In Finder, edit the permissions of the site folder to Read-only for the Marketing group, and

No Access for the everyone group.

C.      In Finder, edit the permissions of the site folder to Read/Write for the Marketing group, and

No Access for the everyone group.

D.     Using Server app, double-click the website from the list of websites, and select the

Marketing group from the Who Can Access menu.


Correct Answer: D




What is the minimum amount of RAM required to install and run OS X Server on an OS X

Mountain Lion computer?


A.    2 GB

B.     4 GB

C.    6 GB

D.    8 GB


Correct Answer: A




You configured the Time Machine service on a computer with OS X Server to store backup data

on the Data volume. Later you configure the service to store the backup data on a larger volume

named Backup Data. How is the backup data handled after the switch to the new backup



A.    The next time users back up, new and changed files are backed up to the new volume, along

with aliases pointing to the data on the old volume.

B.     The next time users back up, all their files are backed up to the new volume.

C.    Users are presented with a dialog asking which volume they want to use to store their

backup data.

D.    OS X Server copies the existing backup data from the old volume to the new volume.


Correct Answer: B




What are TWO ways administrators can remove a device group profile from an OS X Mountain

Lion computer? (Select 2)


A.    In Workgroup Manager, select the group, click Preferences and click the Delete (-) button.

B.     In the Profiles pane in System Preferences, select the profile, and click the Remove (-) button.

C.    In Profile Manager, click Device Groups, select the appropriate device group, click Members,

and click the Delete (x) button to the right of the member computer.

D.    In Server app, select the group, click the Edit (pencil) button in the Group pane, and deselect


E.     In the Profiles tab in Device Manager, select the OS X Mountain Lion computer, select Profiles, select the group, and click the Delete (-) button.


Correct Answer: BE




Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below.




You are manually restoring the home folder for a new user account, and see the message shown

above. What will happen if you click Cancel?


A.    The existing home folder’s name will be changed to match the one you entered in the new

account sheet.

B.     You will be returned to the new account sheet in the Users & Group pane.

C.    The account name will be changed to the name of the existing home folder.

D.    The existing home folder will be displayed in the Finder with the name selected.

Correct Answer: B




Review the screenshot of settings for the Contacts app on an OS X Mountain Lion client computer, and then answer the question below.




The OS X Mountain Lion computer whose Contacts settings are shown above is connected to an

active Contacts service on an OS X Server at contacts.pretendco.com. By default, where will new

contacts be stored?


A.    In the user’s iCloud account, and on all devices configured to use that iCloud account.

B.     On the Contacts server and on the Mountain Lion client computer.

C.    Only on the Mountain Lion client computer.

D.    Only on the Contacts server.


Correct Answer: B




Which tool can you use to configure SACLs for OS X Server running on Mountain Lion?


A.    Profile Manager

B.     Server Admin

C.    Server app

D.    Workgroup Manager


Correct Answer: C




Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below.




While attempting to reinstall OS X Mountain Lion in Recovery mode, you get the error message

shown above. Your Mac is physically connected to an Ethernet network. Which tool can you

use to diagnose the problem further?


A.    Network Diagnostics

B.     Network Utility

C.    Internet Connect

D.    Network Preferences


Correct Answer: B




You can configure Time Machine to delete versions of files as soon as they reach a specified age.


A.    True

B.     False


Correct Answer: B


You want to secure the communication between the Calendar service in OS X Server and its

Calendar clients in OS X Mountain Lion. In Server app, which of these can you use to achieve

your goal?


A.    A complex global password policy

B.     An SSH tunnel

C.    An SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol

D.    A Kerberos Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT)


Correct Answer: C




What advantage is gained by configuring the Contacts service in OS X Server to provide LDAP



A.    It lets admins integrate Microsoft Exchange Server with the Contacts service.

B.     It enables third-party contact management apps to be integrated with the Contacts service.

C.    It eliminates the need for users to configure the Contacts app to perform LDAP searches.

D.    It lets the Contacts service sync contact modifications to the LDAP server.


Correct Answer: C




Review the screenshot of Contacts service settings in Server app, and then answer the question





Why is the “Include directory contacts in search” option dimmed?


A.    The server is neither configured as an Open Directory Master nor bound to a directory server.

B.     The data folder for the Contacts service is empty.

C.    The folder containing the Contacts data is not configured as a share point.

D.    The Websites service is not turned on.


Correct Answer: A




Using Server app, how do you configure the Websites service in OS X Server to serve website

files that are stored on a volume other than the system volume?


A.    In /Library/Web Server/Documents/, create an alias to the folder on the external volume,

then select the alias in the Web Site Configuration pane.

B.     Drag the website files from the external volume into the Websites pane.

C.    Click Add (+) to create a new website, and in the New Web Site pane choose a folder on the

external volume from the “Store Site Files In” pop-up menu.

D.    Click Add (+) and add the external volume to the list of Websites service folders, then store

the website files in Library/WebServer/Documents/ on the external volume.


Correct Answer: C




You have configured the Mail service in OS X Server to scan email for viruses. Where on the

server can you locate email that has been identified as containing a virus?


A.    /etc/virusmails

B.     /Library/Server/Mail/Data/scanner/virusmails

C.    /System/Library/server/mail/virusmails

D.    /var/virusmails


Correct Answer: B

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