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In order to sign a configuration profile, which steps must you complete?


A.      In the Profile Manager service in Server app, select “Sign configuration profiles” and choose

a valid code-signing SSL certificate.

B.      In the Profile Manager web app, select “Sign configuration profile” and choose a valid

code-signing SSL certificate.

C.      In the Profile Manager service in Server app, select “Sign configuration profiles” and choose

a valid Apple Push Notification service certificate.

D.     In the Profile Manager web app, select “Sign configuration profiles” and choose a valid

Apple Push Notification service certificate.


Correct Answer: A




What is an advantage of deploying signed Profile Manager profiles, rather than unsigned Profile

Manager profiles?


A.      Signed profiles can be installed on mobile devices and computers; unsigned profiles can only

be installed on computers.

B.      Signed profiles can be updated on devices via an update process; unsigned profiles must be

deleted before a new profile can be installed.

C.      An unsigned profile’s source or contents may be tampered with; signing validates both.

D.     Signed profiles cannot be removed by users without administrator authorization; unsigned

profiles can be.


Correct Answer: C




You are using System Image Utility in OS X Mountain Lion to create a network disk image. Which

of these is NOT a valid source for creating the image?


A.    A mounted disk image of a hard disk with OS X Mountain Lion installed.

B.     OS X Mountain Lion installer app.

C.    A Mac mini with OS X 10.7 installed.

D.    A MacBook Pro running OS X Mountain Lion and booted in target disk mode.


Correct Answer: C



Where is the utility for creating network disk images stored, by default, on a Mac with OS X

Mountain Lion?


A.    in /Server/Utilities/

B.     in /Applications/Utilities/

C.    in /System/Library/CoreServices/

D.    in /Applications/Server/, but only after you have installed OS X Server


Correct Answer: C




On an OS X Mountain Lion computer with OS X Server installed, istant in OS X Mountain Lion,

pressing Command that contains a folder named “Reports.” The permissions for both are shown




Pat is not a member of the Finance group, but you would like her to have access to the Finance

Dept share point. Using the Share Points pane in the File Sharing service in Server app, you

modify the permissions of the share point as shown below.




After changing the permissions on the share point, what access will Pat have to the Reports

folder in the share point?


A.    Read-only

B.     None

C.    Read & Write

D.    Write-only


Correct Answer: A




From your OS X user account that has iCloud enabled, how can you open a TextEdit document

that you stored in iCloud?


A.      In TextEdit, choose Open from the File menu, click iCloud, and then select the document

that you want to open.

B.      From the iCloud pane of System Preferences, select the TextEdit app and the document that

you want to open.

C.      In Finder, select iCloud > Open from the Go menu, and then select the TextEdit app and the

document that you want to open.

D.     From the Applications folder, open the iCloud app, and then select the TextEdit app and

document that you want to open.


Correct Answer: A




What type of configuration profile will let you manage which Software Update server the OS X

Mountain Lion computers in your organization use?


A.    group profile

B.     trust profile

C.    user profile

D.    device group profile


Correct Answer: D




Review the screenshot of a portion of the Disk Utility application window, and then answer the

question below.




Which statement best describes the selected question in the screenshot above?


A.    It is one of three stripes in a RAID set.

B.     It is one of three hard disks in a RAID set.

C.    It is one of three file systems on a partition.

D.    It is one of three partitions on a hard disk.


Correct Answer: D








How does OS X Mountain Lion handle third-party, 32-bit kernel extensions (KEXTs)?


A.    It runs them in compatibility mode.

B.     It ignores them.

C.    It moves them to /Library/Extensions/Disabled/.

D.    It prompts the user with an option to convert them to 64-bit.


Correct Answer: B




In OS X Mountain Lion, which TWO types of file service hosts can you browse in the Network

folder? (Select 2)


A.    WebDAV

B.     SMB

C.    DFS

D.    FTP

E.     AFP


Correct Answer: BE




On a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, how can you display a list of installed software updates?


A.      Open Installer, choose Show Files from the File menu, and then in the Files section under

/var/log/, select install.log.

B.      Open System Information, click System Report, and then in the sidebar under Software, click


C.      Open Software Update preferences and click Installed Software.

D.     Open Software Update and click Receipts.


Correct Answer: B




You are creating a network disk image that you will use to copy a system image to other Macs

while they are booted from the network disk image. What type of network disk image are you



A.    NetCopy

B.     NetInstall

C.    NetBoot

D.    NetRestore


Correct Answer: B




Which password policy CANNOT be set for user accounts in OS X Server?


A.    Password must differ from the last three passwords used.

B.     Password must contain both uppercase and lowercase letters.

C.    Password must differ from all passwords used in the past year.

D.    Password must be reset at a specified time interval.

E.     Password must contain a character that is not a letter or a number.


Correct Answer: C




In OS X, which is a valid method to reset permissions and ACLs on a home folder to their default



A.      Start the computer from the OS X Recovery partition, open Terminal from the Utilities menu,

enter reset password at the prompt, select the system volume and the user account, and

click Reset.

B.      Start the computer from the OS X Recovery partition, select Password Reset from the OS X

Utilities window, select the system volume and the user account, and click Reset.

C.      Open Disk Utility from the Utilities folder on the startup volume, select the volume with the

home folder, and click Repair Permissions.

D.     Select the user home folder in the Finder, choose Get Info, choose Reset Permissions from

the action pop-up menu, and authenticate as the user.


Correct Answer: A




If you use the Get Info window to change Sharing & Permissions settings on a file or folder, Finder

preserves and can revert to the previous settings until the window is closed.


A.    True

B.     False


Correct Answer: A


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