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Mac OS X machines are having issues accessing the wireless network. While working with TAC, the administrator is asked to find the Mac laptop’s wireless adapter model and driver. Where should the administrator look to find this information?

A. About This Mac > System Report
B. Control Panel > System
C. System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi Adapter > Advanced
D. Control Panel > Networking > Adapters > Properties

Correct Answer: A


If an antenna has a dBd of 8.6, what is the dBi value?

A. 6.2
B. 6.46
C. 8.6
D. 10.74
E. 12.88

Correct Answer: D


Which two statements about the requirements to configure inter-controller roaming are true? (Choose two.)

A. The same mobility domain names are configured across controllers.
B. The same RF group names are configured across controllers.
C. The same controller hardware version is configured across controllers.
D. The same AP manager interface is configured across controllers.
E. The same virtual interface is configured across controllers.
F. The same controller software version is configured across controllers.

Correct Answer: AE


Which type of basic radiation pattern does a Yagi antenna have?

A. circular
B. semicircular
C. straight line
D. cone

Correct Answer: D


Microsoft Active Directory integrated machines are not authenticating to the internal WLAN. The WLAN settings are WPA2-AES-802.1x and are authenticating to a Cisco Identity Services Engine server. You investigate and note that non-domain authenticated machines are properly authenticating to the WLAN using their Active Directory credentials. Why would this problem occur?

A. The WLAN is configured improperly in group policy.
B. The ACS server is not joined to the domain, causing authentications to fail.
C. The domain machines are configured to disable the wireless adapter.
D. The non-domain machines are using local accounts that are not authenticated through the domain.

Correct Answer: A


A customer has requested a single point of policy enforcement for LAN and WLAN. Which deployment model should be used?

A. converged
B. autonomous
C. FlexConnect
D. centralized

Correct Answer: A


Which two principles must be considered when deploying a wireless network through a wooded area? (Choose two.)

A. absorption
B. reflection
C. diffraction
D. scattering
E. refraction

Correct Answer: AD


Which two statements about WiMAX technology are true? (Choose two.)

A. WiMAX is defined by 802.11i.
B. Typically, fixed WiMAX networks have a higher-gain directional antenna installed near the client.
C. WiMAX is capable of working as a long-range system over several miles.
D. WiMAX works only for licensed frequencies.

Correct Answer: BC


Which type of frames are ACK and CF-ACK?

A. control
B. management
D. association

Correct Answer: A


When an AP, in its default configuration mode, connects to a Cisco WLC, which methods are available for remote management access to an AP?

A. SSL and SSH are available only after configuration by a Cisco WLC version 7.0.
B. SSH only
D. SSH and Telnet
E. SSH and Telnet are available only after configuration by a Cisco WLC version 7.0.

Correct Answer: D


Which interface is considered a dynamic interface?

A. the virtual interface
B. the AP manager interface
C. the LAG interface
D. the management interface
E. the service port interface
F. a WLAN client data interface

Correct Answer: F


A WLAN deployment uses a combination of Cisco Aironet 1260 APs and multiple Cisco 5500 Wireless LAN Controllers to provide wireless LAN access to end-users. The network administrator has decided to use DHCP Option 43 to enable the APs to discover the wireless LAN controllers. When configuring the DHCP scope, which format should be used for the Cisco WLC addresses?

A. a comma-separated ASCII string of Cisco WLC AP-manager addresses
B. a comma-separated ASCII string of Cisco WLC management addresses
C. a comma-separated ASCII string of Cisco WLC virtual IP addresses
D. a hexadecimal string of Cisco WLC AP-manager addresses
E. a hexadecimal string of Cisco WLC management addresses
F. a hexadecimal string of Cisco WLC virtual IP addresses

Correct Answer: E


Which two wireless technologies can interfere with 802.11 networks? (Choose two.)

B. ZigBee
C. WiMax

Correct Answer: AB


How many dBm is 40 mW?

A. 10 dBm
B. 16 dBm
C. 20 dBm
D. 22 dBm
E. 40 dBm

Correct Answer: B


You are testing a new autonomous Cisco Aironet 1260 AP that has booted for the first time on the existing corporate network, which includes voice, data, and location services. How do you reach the GUI of the AP?

A. HTTP to
B. HTTP to
C. HTTP to the DHCP address.
E. HTTPS to the
F. HTTPS to the DHCP address.

Correct Answer: C


How does an LWAP receive a configuration file?

A. It is configured manually.
B. It receives a configuration from the controller.
C. It automatically ships with a configuration.
D. It receives a configuration from a TFTP server.

Correct Answer: B


Which RRM feature allows an access point to avoid non-IEEE 802.11 interference?

C. RF groups
D. coverage hole detection

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is attempting to connect to the GUI of a WLC with interfaces as shown. Which IP address should the network administrator use?


Correct Answer: B


An engineer is using a predictive survey tool to estimate placement of APs in a carpeted office space. Most interior walls should be assigned which attenuation value?

A. 2 dB
B. 3 dB
C. 4 dB
D. 5 dB

Correct Answer: B


A customer cannot access the GUI on the Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller from the management interface due to network failure. Which interface can the customer use to access the WLC GUI until the network issues are resolved?

A. virtual
B. dynamic
C. console port
D. service port

Correct Answer: D


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