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Software Testing with Visual Studio 2012

Question No: 1

You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). You are using the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) for Agile Software Development process template.

You plan to validate that all the user stories for the current iteration will be covered by your testing efforts.

You need to create test suites that will allow you to validate user story test coverage. Which type of test suites should you create?

  1. Query-based

  2. Feature-based

  3. Requirements-based

  4. Static

Answer: C

Explanation: A good way to start a test plan is to add user stories, product backlog items, or other requirements to it. A requirement appears in the test plan as a special type of test suite – that is, a container for test cases. When you add or create test cases in a requirements suite, they become linked to the requirement so that you can easily track which requirements have been successfully tested as their implementation progresses.

Reference: Creating Tests for Product Backlog Items, User Stories, or Requirements

Question No: 2

You are the QA lead for a development team. You use the Agile process template. Your testers use Microsoft Test Manager to author and run manual test cases. The testers use requirement-based test suites to organize the test cases and link them to user stories.

You need to obtain testing status information, such as the number of tests that are passed, failed, or active. You need this information broken down by user story.

Which SQL Server Reporting Services report should you view?

  1. Stories Overview

  2. Stories Progress

  3. Test Case Readiness

  4. Test Plan Progress

Answer: A

Explanation: The Stories Overview report lists all user stories, filtered by area and iteration and in order of importance.

You can use this report to answer the following questions: How much work does each story require?

How much work has the team completed for each story? Are the tests for each story passing?

How many active bugs does each story have? Reference: Stories Overview Report (Agile)

Question No: 3

You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to run manual tests.

Testers reported a bug during a test run on the V1.0 build. A build for V2.0 has been created. Testers are still running tests against the V1.0 build.

You need to verify that the bug has been fixed in build V2.0. What should you do?

  1. Change the default build for the test plan to V2.0 and run the test case.

  2. Run the test case with default settings; the latest build will be selected automatically.

  3. Change the build to V2.0 by using Run with options and run the test case.

  4. Change the build property for the test case to the V2.0 build and run the test case.

Answer: C

Explanation: When we want to use the test settings we either assign it to the test plan or choose the test setting when we start a test run by selecting Run Options

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Question No: 4

You create a set of test cases for a complex requirement. The test cases should be listed in a specific order.

You need to configure a test suite and define the order of the test cases. Which type of test suite should you configure?

  1. Query-based

  2. Static

  3. Requirements-based

  4. Order-based

Answer: B

Explanation: Static test suites are like folders. A static test suite can contain both test cases and other suites.

Choose Order to arrange the order in which tests will be run in a static test suite. Reference: Organizing Test Cases Using Test Suites

Question No: 5

You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).

You have test cases that use a shared steps work item. You plan to replace the shared steps work item with a new implementation.

You need to find the test cases that are using that shared steps work item.

What are two possible features you could use to achieve this goal? (Choose two. Each answer choice provides a complete solution.)

  1. A Direct Links query

  2. Shared Steps Manager

  3. The TCM.exe utility

  4. The WitAdmin.exe utility

Answer: A,B

Explanation: A: Link Type: Predecessor-Successor (Dependency topology)

  • Track tasks that must be completed before others can be started. When you plan work using Project, linked tasks are represented as predecessor-successor links in TFS.

  • Support one-to-many relationships.

  • Find and view predecessor work items and their successor work items in a two-tiered, direct links query view.

B: Q: Can I find all my shared steps, and all the test cases where they are used?

A: Yes. Open Microsoft Test Manager and look under Organize, Shared Steps Manager.


not C: the TCM.exe command-line application. This command-line isn’t intended to be an alternative for everything you can do in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) but rather to fill some gaps and enable some of the less common scenarios that still may be important for some testers.

Not D: You can change how you track your team#39;s progress by creating and customizing objects that track work items. By using the witadmin command-line tool, you can create, delete, import, and export objects such as categories, global lists, global workflow, types of links, and types of work items. You can also permanently delete types of work item types,

and you can delete, list, or change the attributes of fields in work item.

Question No: 6

You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). You are using the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) for Agile Software Development process template. Your TFS environment includes SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition and reporting integration.

You need to identify the number of bugs that are open and assigned to you. What should you do?

  1. Open the Track tab in MTM and click the My Assigned Bugs link.

  2. Open the Bugs Dashboard and view the Bug Progress report.

  3. Open a Visual Studio 2012 Command prompt and run the ActiveBugList.exe command, pasting in username as a parameter.

  4. Open the Bugs Dashboard and view the Active Bugs by Assignment report.

Answer: D

Explanation: * By using the Bugs dashboard, the team can answer the following questions:

/ Is the number of active Bugs acceptable based on team goals? Is the team postponing too many Bugs?

/ Is the team finding, fixing, and closing Bugs quickly enough to meet expectations and at a rate that matches previous development cycles?

/ Is the team addressing high priority bugs before lower priority bugs?

/ Does any team member need help in resolving bugs?


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Reference: Bugs dashboard

Question No: 7

Your team is using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).

You have a manual test case for a web page on which the user is required to enter information into several text fields. The test takes a long time to run. According to previous test results data, there are problems with testers entering data in the wrong fields.

You need to use MTM to eliminate the repeatability issues with the least amount of effort. What should you do?

  1. Break the test up into several shorter test cases to isolate the steps that have repeatability problems.

  2. Create an action recording and fast forward to repeat the test steps that have repeatability problems.

  3. Convert the test case to an automated test.

  4. Change the order of the test steps so the least repeatable steps are run first.

Answer: B

Explanation: After you create an action recording, you can play it back while you run a test that contains the recording. This helps in circumstances where you might have to run the test multiple times because the action recording automatically plays back the steps.

Alternatively, you can fast forward through the test steps until you reach the correct test step to verify a bug.

Reference: How to: Play Back an Action Recording

Question No: 8

You plan to conduct a manual test for an ASP.NET website by using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). You create a test plan named Calculate_Margin by using Testing Center in MTM.

You need to link all the test cases that belong to the Calculate_Margin test plan with new requirements that are stored as work items in Team Foundation Server 2012.

What should you do?

  1. In the Links section of the test plan, click Add link to associate the requirements document.

  2. Associate the requirements document with the test plan by name, then add a link by using the area path relevant to the requirements being tested.

  3. Create the test cases within the test plan by using a Test Suite, then associate the new requirements by adding them as attachments to the test cases.

  4. Click Add requirements from the Contents menu of the test plan and associate the new requirements.

Answer: D

Explanation: Add an existing requirement to your test plan To add an existing requirement to your test plan

->Open Microsoft Test Manager.

->From the Testing Center, click Plan and then click Contents.

The Contents pane is displayed.

->To add a requirement to your test plan, select the location where you want to place it in the test suite hierarchy and then click Add requirements.

The Add existing requirements to this test plan dialog box is displayed.

->Select any requirements that you want to add to the test plan, and then click Add requirements to this test plan.

Reference: How to: Add Requirements or User Stories to Your Test Plan

Question No: 9

You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). You are using the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) for Agile Software Development process template.

You want to organize your test cases by relating them to the user stories for the application under test.

You need to use a test suite that creates the Tests link type as you add test cases. Which type of test suite should you create?

  1. Static

  2. Query-based

  3. Linked

  4. Requirements-based

Answer: D

Explanation: In your project, requirements might also be called user stories, depending on your methodology.

Reference: How to: Add Requirements or User Stories to Your Test Plan

Question No: 10

You are running a manual test using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). You have chosen to create an action recording.

You want to pause the test run and exit the test runner.

Before you exit the test runner, you need to mark the test case as being in progress. Which action should you perform in the test runner?

  1. Close

  2. Return to Testing Center

  3. Save

  4. Save and Close

Answer: B

Explanation: I am running manual test using Test Runner. In here, I can pause the test and return to Testing Center. However, after I have done my work in Testing Center, how do I resume my test?

A) There is discoverability issue around here and many folks have stumbled on this. You can use the button highlighted below to go back to Test Runner.

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