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Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

Question No: 171

A cloud computing vendor is focusing on delivering applications to customers. The goal is to simplify the deployment of database functionality while removing the need for customers to manage the operation system and application patching. Which of the following types of solution is the vendor offering?

  1. IT as a Service

  2. Infrastructure as a Service

  3. Anything as a Service

  4. Platform as a Service

  5. Software as a Service

Answer: D Explanation:

PaaS includes infrastructure-servers, storage, and networking-but also middleware, development tools, business intelligence (BI) services, database management systems, and more.


Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

References: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/what-is-paas/

Question No: 172 HOTSPOT


You manage an Azure Web Site for a consumer-product company. The website runs in Standard mode on a single medium instance.

You expect increased traffic to the website due to an upcoming sale during a holiday weekend.

You need to ensure that the website performs optimally when user activity is at its highest.

Which option should you select? To answer, select the appropriate option in the answer area.

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Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE


Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Note: The ‘small’ instance is selected. This setting would be for the weekdays. Then you would select a larger instance for the ‘weekend’ schedule setting to cover the increased activity.



Question No: 173

You manage an on-premises monitoring platform. You plan to deploy virtual machines (VMs) in Azure.

You must use existing on-premises monitoring solutions for Azure VMs. You must maximize security for any communication between Azure and the on-premises environment.

You need to ensure that Azure alerts are sent to the on-premises solution. What should you do?

  1. Enable App Service Authentication for the VMs.

  2. Configure a basic authorization webhook.

  3. Deploy an HDInsight cluster.

  4. Configure a token-based authorization webhook.

Answer: D

Question No: 174

You manage a set of virtual machines (VMs) deployed to the cloud service named fabrikamVM.

You configure auto scaling according to the following parameters:

-> With an instance range of two to six instances

-> To maintain CPU usage between 70 and 80 percent to scale up one instance at a time

-> With a scale up wait time of 30 minutes

-> To scale down one instance at a time

-> With a scale down wait time of 30 minutes

You discover the following usage pattern of a specific application:

-> The application peaks very quickly, and the peak lasts for several hours.

-> CPU usage stays above 90 percent for the first 1 to 1.5 hours after usage increases.

-> After 1.5 hours, the CPU usage falls to about 75 percent until application usage begins to decline.

You need to modify the auto scaling configuration to scale up faster when usage peaks.

What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  1. Decrease the scale down wait time.

  2. Decrease the scale up wait time.

  3. Increase the number of scale up instances.

  4. Increase the scale up wait time.

  5. Increase the maximum number of instances.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 175

Your company has a subscription to Azure. You plan to deploy 10 websites. You have the following requirements:

-> Each website has at least 15 GB of storage.

-> All websites can useazurewebsite.net.

You need to deploy the 10 websites while minimizing costs. Which web tier plan should you recommend?

  1. Free

  2. Small Business

  3. Standard

  4. Basic

Answer: C Explanation:

Standard offers 50 GB of storage space, while Basic only gives 10 GB. References:


Question No: 176 HOTSPOT


You manage an Azure Web Site named contosoweb.

Some users report that they receive the following error when they access contosoweb: 鈥渉ttp Status 500.0 – Internal Server Error.鈥?/p>

You need to view detailed diagnostic information in XML format.

Which option should you enable? To answer, select the appropriate option in the answer area.

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE


Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE


Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE


Failed Request Tracing is the only option that produces its output in XML files as specified in the question.

Question No: 177

You have an Azure subscription.

You create an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant named Tenant1 that has a domain

name of tenant1.onmicrosoft.com. You need to add the contoso.com domain name to Tenant1.

Which DNS record should you add to the contoso.com zone to be able to verify from Azure whether you own the contoso.com domain?

  1. standard alias (CNAME)

  2. mail exchanger (MX)

  3. host (AAAA)

  4. signature (SIG)

Answer: A

Question No: 178

You administer a Microsoft Azure SQL Database data base in the US Central region named contosodb. Contosodb runs on a Standard tier within the S1 performance level.

You have multiple business-critical applications that use contosodb.

You need to ensure that you can bring contosodb back online in the event of a natural disaster in the US Central region. You want to achieve this goal with the least amount of downtime.

Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  1. Upgrade to S2 performance level.

  2. Use active geo-replication.

  3. Use automated Export.

  4. Upgrade to Premium tier.

  5. Use point in time restore.

  6. Downgrade to Basic tier.

Answer: B,D Explanation:

B: The Active Geo-Replication feature implements a mechanism to provide database redundancy within the same Microsoft Azure region or in different regions (geo- redundancy).

One of the primary benefits of Active Geo-Replication is that it provides a database-level disaster recovery solution. Using Active Geo-Replication, you can configure a user database in the Premium service tier to replicate transactions to databases on different Microsoft Azure SQL Database servers within the same or different regions. Cross-region redundancy enables applications to recover from a permanent loss of a datacenter caused by natural disasters, catastrophic human errors, or malicious acts.

D: Active Geo-Replication is available for databases in the Premium service tier only.



Question No: 179

You are developing a Windows Azure application in which a web role and worker role will communicate by using a Windows Azure Queue.

You need to recommend an approach for ensuring that the worker role does not attempt to process any message more than three times.

What should you recommend?

  1. Appropriately handle poison messages.

  2. Decrease the visibility timeout for messages.

  3. Reduce the time-to-live interval for messages in the queue.

  4. Increase the number of worker role instances reading messages from the queue.

Answer: A

Question No: 180

You have an Azure subscription.

In Azure, you create two virtual machines named VM1 and VM2. Both virtual machines are instances in a cloud service named Cloud1.

You need to ensure that the virtual machines only replicate within the data center in which they were created.

Which settings should you modify?

  1. virtual machine

  2. storage account

  3. cloud services

  4. Azure subscription

Answer: B

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