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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics

Question No: 1

You create a counting journal. The counted quantity on some lines of the journal is higher or lower than the on-hand quantity.

You need to identify which field will be updated in the inventory transaction when you post the counting journal.

Which field should you identify?

  1. Quantity

  2. Counted

  3. On-hand

  4. Line amount

Answer: C

Explanation: Field On-Hand:The on-hand inventory levels of the item for the inventory dimension on the counting date.

Question No: 2

You need to derive the sales price of an item while calculating a bill of materials (BOM). Which settings should you configure?

  1. Profit setting

  2. Calculation group

  3. Item purchase price

  4. Cost group

Answer: A

Explanation: About BOM calculation of a suggested sales price [AX 2012]

Bill of material (BOM) calculations can be used to calculate a manufactured item’s suggested sales price, based on a cost-plus markup approach. By using a cost-plus markup approach, the item’s calculated sales price reflects the set of profit-setting percentages that is specified for the BOM calculation and the costs that are associated with its component items, routing operations, and applicable manufacturing overheads. The markup reflects profit-setting percentages that are assigned to cost groups and the cost

groups that are assigned to items, cost categories for routing operations, and the indirect cost calculation formulas for manufacturing overheads

Question No: 3

You plan to create multiple bill of materials (BOM) versions.

What is the maximum number of BOM versions that can be approved for the same product?

  1. One inactive version

  2. An unlimited amount of active versions

  3. One active version

  4. An unlimited amount of versions, regardless of the activation status

Answer: D

Explanation: Multiple active BOM and route versions can exist at the same time, as long as their dates do not overlap. This enables you to adjust the BOM’s composition of products.

Question No: 4

A customer reports a defective product.

You need to find the vendors and the other customers who are affected by the defective product.

Which three details are required before you can perform a trace? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  1. The storage dimensions

  2. The tracking dimensions

  3. The item number

  4. The trace direction

  5. The transaction dates

Answer: B,C,D

Explanation: Trace an item or raw material

To trace an item or raw material, follow these steps:

->Click Inventory management gt; Inquiries gt; Tracing gt; Item tracing.

->On the Trace criteria FastTab, enter the following information:

Question No: 5

You run the picking workbench process and receive several warning messages for items that were not picked.

You need to identify what prevents the items from being picked.

Which two possible reasons should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  1. There are no warehouse workers to complete the picking work.

  2. The location of the items could not be ascertained.

  3. The sales order is marked as ship complete and one or more items on the sales order are unavailable.

  4. The items could not be reserved due to a lack of on-hand inventory.

Answer: B,D

Explanation: Troubleshoot picking lists

If items on a sales order line are not added to a picking list, it could be due to the following reasons:

*The item could not be reserved because there is no inventory available.

*The item’s model group allows for negative inventory, however, negative quantities cannot be reserved.

*The item already appears on another picking list, which means that an output order exists for the item.

Question No: 6

A customer is placing an order for an item that is in stock. The customer requires that the

order be delivered within two weeks.

You need to identify the minimum amount of time required for the order to be delivered to the customer.

What should you do from the Sales order form?

  1. View the Confirmed receipt date.

  2. View the Confirmed delivery date.

  3. Click Simulate delivery dates

  4. From the purchase order, view the Requested receipt date

Answer: C

Explanation: To review the available receipt and ship dates and transfer them to the order again, click Simulate delivery dates and revise the dates. The Available ship and receipt dates form is displayed. In the Available ship and receipt dates form, select the date that matches your requirements, and then click Update requested ship date.


Not A:Confirmed receipt date – The confirmed receipt date when you will be able to meet the customer’s requested receipt date.

not D:Requested receipt date – The requested receipt date when the customer wants to receive the goods.

Question No: 7

You have several bills of materials (BOMs) that include an item manufactured by a third party.

The third party plans to discontinue the production of the item. You need to locate all of the BOMs that include the item.

Which report should you use?

  1. Order lines

  2. Where-used

  3. Calculation

  4. On-hand inventory

Answer: A

Explanation: Order lines report (SalesLinesExtended) [AX 2012]

You can use the Order lines report to print sales order lines and basic information for each sales order line such as item number, sales price, and discount.


Not B:Row structure where-used report (LedgerRowStructureWhereUsed) [AX 2012] This report displays the details of row definitions and financial statements that are used in the selected row definition.

Not C:BOM calculation results (form) [AX 2012]

Use this form to view the results of an item#39;s order-specific bill of material (BOM) calculations and as a starting point to perform additional order-specific BOM calculations. An order-specific BOM calculation can be performed for a line item on a sales order, sales quotation or service order. Each order-specific BOM calculation creates a calculation record that is uniquely identified by a calculation number.

Not D:Critical on-hand inventory report (InventSumCritical) [AX 2012]

You can use the On-hand inventory report to print on-hand inventory according to quantity. The quantity is based on the on-hand inventory and the product, tracking, and storage dimensions. Select which product, tracking, and storage dimensions you want to include in the report.

Question No: 8

You are setting up a new bill of materials (BOM) for a new product that your company is designing.

The components for the new product already exist in Dynamics AX the finished good item does not exist yet in Dynamics AX.

From the BOM form, where should you create the new BOM?

  1. The Common area of the Inventory and warehouse management module

  2. The BOM line form for the released products

  3. The Designer form for the released products

  4. The Common area of the Inventory management module

Answer: D

Explanation: Create a BOM

->Click Inventory management gt; Common gt; Bills of materials.

->Press CTRL N to create a new BOM.

->Enter information to identify the BOM.

->Click Lines to open the BOM line form.

->Select the item number, and enter the quantity to create additional BOM lines for any component items that make up the BOM.

->Close the form.

->Click Approve to open the Approve bill of materials form.

->Select an employee name, and then click OK.

Question No: 9

You plan to run an automatic update on the ABC classifications of all items.

You need to identify which ABC code to update based on the sales of eachitem in a given period.

Which ABC code should you identify?

  1. Value

  2. Revenue

  3. Margin

  4. Carrying cost

Answer: B

Explanation: BC code for revenue

A classifier that names categories in an ABC classification that ranks discrete categories of items according to their revenue.

Note:ABC classification

A system for ranking discrete categories of items according to Pareto#39;s 80/20 principle that states that a small percentage of items account for the largest fraction of significance.


Not Value, Not Margin: not such ABC codes. Not D:ABC code for carrying cost classification

A classifier that names categories in an ABC classification that ranks discrete categories of items according to their carrying cost.

Question No: 10

When adding a component line to a bill of materials (BOM), you discover that the Resource consumption check box is cleared and a warehouse is not specified.

Which warehouse will be usedfor the component line?

  1. The picking warehouse from the item master data of the component product

  2. The shipping warehouse from the item master data of the finished good

  3. The shipping warehouse from the item master data of the component product

  4. The picking warehouse from the item master data of the finished good

Answer: A

Explanation: *Resource consumption check box

/If this check box is selected, material consumption is assigned for the BOM line to the operations resource. The operations resource refers to a production unit, which defines a picking warehouse.

/If this check box is cleared, you can enter the picking warehouse in the Warehouse field on the line.

If you do not enter a value in the Warehouse field on the line, Microsoft Dynamics AX uses the picking warehouse from the item master data.

Reference:BOM versions and lines (form) [AX 2012]

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