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TS: Windows 7, Configuring

Question No: 131 – (Topic 2)

An employee who works from home telephones your help desk. A virus attack has deleted his computer#39;s single internal hard disk. He carried out a System Image backup on his computer three months ago and automatically backs up his personal files every night. He uses an external USB hard drive formatted with the NTFS file system to hold his backups.

All his personal files are in his Documents library. What do you advise? (Choose all that apply; the answers form a complete solution.)

  1. Carry out a System Image restore.

  2. Carry out a system restore.

  3. Use Restore Previous Versions to restore his Documents library from a shadow copy.

  4. Use Restore My Files in the Backup And Restore console to restore his Documents library folder.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 132 – (Topic 2)

You have a computer that runs Windows 7. You connect to your company’s network by using a VPN connection.

You discover that when you establish the VPN connection, you are unable to access Internet Web sites.

When you disconnect the VPN connection, you can access Internet Web sites. You need to access Internet Web sites while you are connected to the VPN. What should you do?

  1. Configure the VPN connection to use only PPTP.

  2. Configure the VPN connection to use only L2TP/IPSec.

  3. From the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) properties of the local area connection, disable the Automatic metric setting.

  4. From the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) properties of the VPN connection, disable the Use default gateway on remote network setting.

Answer: D Explanation:

To prevent the default route from being created In the properties of the TCP/IP protocol of the dial-up connection object, in the Advanced TCP/IP Settings dialog box, click the General tab, and then clear the Use default gateway on remote network check box.

Question No: 133 – (Topic 2)

You have a computer that runs Windows Vista.

You install Windows 7 on a new partition on the computer.

You need to ensure that the computer always starts Windows Vista by default. What should you do?

  1. Run Bcdedit.exe and specify the /default parameter.

  2. Run Bcdedit.exe and specify the /bootems parameter.

  3. Create a boot.ini file in the root of the Windows 7 partition.

  4. Create a boot.ini file in the root of the Windows Vista partition.

Answer: A Explanation:

The Bcdedit.exe utility allows you to manage boot configuration./default – Sets the default entry that the boot manager willl use./bootems – Enable or disables Emergency Management Services for a boot application.NOT boot.ini:Windows (specifically Ntldr) uses

Question No: 134 – (Topic 2)

You have recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a laptop computer, installed applications such as Office, and downloaded and installed all outstanding updates. The computer has two internal hard disks, both formatted with the NTFS file system. You also have an external USB hard disk that you have plugged into the laptop. You used the convert fs/ntfs command to convert the external hard drive to the NTFS file system. You have an 8-GB USB flash memory device and the laptop contains a DVD-ROM writer. In your workplace, you can plug in to the corporate network and connect to a network share on a file server running Windows Server 2008 R2.

On what devices can you create a full System Image backup of the laptop#39;s system volume? (Choose all that apply.)

  1. The second internal hard disk

  2. The external hard disk

  3. The USB flash drive

  4. Multiple DVD-ROMs

  5. The network share

Answer: A,B,E

Question No: 135 – (Topic 2)

You have a computer that runs Windows 7. You manually create a system restore point.

You need to restore a copy of a file stored on a drive C from two days ago. You must act with minimum administrative effort.

What should you do?

  1. From recovery, select System Restore.

  2. From Backup and restore, select Rrestore my files.

  3. From the command prompt, run Wbadmin get items.

  4. From the properties of the file, select Previous Versions.

Answer: D Explanation:

How do I view or restore previous versions of a file and folder?

Right-click the file or folder, and then click Restore previous versions. You#39;ll see a list of available previous versions of the file or folder. The list will include files saved on a backup (if you#39;re using Windows Backup to back up your files) as well as restore points. To restore a previous version of a file or folder that#39;s included in a library, right-click the file or folder in the location where it#39;s saved, rather than in the library. For example, to restore a previous version of a picture that#39;s included in the Pictures library but is stored in the My Pictures folder, right-click the My Pictures folder, and then click Restore previous versions. For more information about libraries, see Include folders in a library.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

The Previous Versions tab, showing some previous versions of files

NOT System Restore: System Restore restores system files and settings and does not affect any of your documents, pictures, or other personal data.

NOT Backup and Restore: System restore point was created, no backup meantioned.NOT Wbadmin:

The Backup And Restore console does not provide a graphical tool for scheduling System Image backups. You need to create a System Image backup manually from the Backup

And Restore console whenever you have made significant changes to a computer’s configuration. Take care that if you restore a System Image backup and boot from it, or if you make the VHD bootable for failover protection, your computer could be vulnerable unless the System Image includes security updates. Although you cannot use Backup And Restore to schedule System Image backups, you can use the Wbadmin command-line utility to perform this function. For example, to initiate a System Image backup of the C: drive to the H: drive, you run the following command from an elevated command prompt: wbadmin start backup -backuptarget:h: -include:c: -quiet

Question No: 136 – (Topic 2)

What command-line utility can you use in Windows 7 to edit boot options?

  1. Bootmgr.exe

  2. Winload.exe

  3. Bcdedit.exe

  4. Winresume.exe

Answer: C

Question No: 137 – (Topic 2)

You have a computer that runs windows 7.

The network contains a monitoring server named server1 Computer runs a monitoring service named service1.

Service 1 uses remote procedure. You need to ensure that service1 can receive requests from server1.

What should you do?

  1. From windows Firewall with Advanced Security, create a predefined rule.

  2. From windows Firewall with Advanced Security, create custom rule.

  3. From the Network and Sharing Center, modify the network location settings.

  4. From the Network and Sharing Center, modify the advanced sharing settings.

Answer: B Explanation: Creating WFAS Rules

The process for configuring inbound rules and outbound rules is essentially the same: In the WFAS console, select the node that represents the type of rule that you want to create and then click New Rule. This opens the New Inbound (or Outbound) Rule Wizard. The first page, allows you to specify the type of rule that you are going to create. You can select between a program, port, predefined, or custom rule. The program and predefined rules are similar to what you can create using Windows Firewall. A custom rule allows you to configure a rule based on criteria not covered by any of the other options. You would create a custom rule if you wanted a rule that applied to a particular service rather than a program or port. You can also use a custom rule if you want to create a rule that involves both a specific program and a set of ports. For example, if you wanted to allow communication to a specific program on a certain port but not other ports, you would create a custom rule.

Question No: 138 – (Topic 2)

You have 15 computers that run Windows 7.

You need to implement a monitoring solution that meets the following requirements:

->Sends an e-mail notification when an application error is logged in the event log

->Runs a script to restart the computer if an application error occurs between 17:00 and 07:00

->Minimizes the administrative effort required to monitor applications

What should you do?

  1. On all the computers, configure a custom view. Configure a custom task for the application error events.

  2. On a computer, configure a custom view to display the application errors. Configure a custom task for the application error events.

  3. On a central computer, configure an event subscription. On all of the computers, configure a custom task in the Forwarded Events log.

  4. On all the computers, configure an event subscription to a central computer. On the central computer, configure a custom task in the Forwarded Events log.

Answer: D Explanation:

Event ForwardingEvent forwarding enables you to transfer events that match specific criteria to an administrative (or collector) computer. This enables you to manage events centrally. A single event log on the collector computer holds important events from computers anywhere in your organization. You do not need to connect to the local event logs on individual computers.

SubscriptionsIn a source-initiated subscription (sometimes termed a source computer-initiated subscription), the computer on which an event is generated (the source computer) sends the event to the collector computer. You would use a source-initiated subscription when you have a large number of source computers and you configure these computers through Group Policy.

Question No: 139 – (Topic 2)

You attach a mobile device that runs Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 to a computer. You encounter that windows is unable to install the necessary device drivers for the mobile device.

You need to ensure that you can synchronize file to the mobile device. What should you do?

  1. From Windows Mobility Center, click Sync settings.

  2. From Sync Center, click set up new sync partnerships.

  3. From Device Manager, click scan for hardware changes.

  4. From Devices and Printers, right-click the device and click troubleshoot.

Answer: D Explanation:

You cannot sync without the drivers installed. It says unable to install, assuming that it could find the device if it was able to reach attempting to install point. Therefore Troubleshoot.

Question No: 140 – (Topic 2)

You are deploying a custom Windows 7 system image to a new computer.

You perform the following tasks:

->Start the new computer by using the Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE)

->Connect to a shared network location that contains the Windows 7 image file

You need to apply the Windows 7 image to the computer. What should you do before you apply the image?

  1. Mount the image.

  2. Configure Windows Firewall.

  3. Configure and format the hard disk drive.

  4. Initialize the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store.

Answer: C Explanation:

Deploying from a Network Share

After you have imaged your reference installation, you can deploy the image onto new hardware (one or more destination computers). To access a network share as an installation source from the client computer, you need to boot the client computer into the Windows Preintallation Environment (Windows PE) environment. The Windows PE environment is a minimally featured operating system that allows you to access diagnostic and maintenance tools as well as access network drives. To deploy an image from a network share, you use the Diskpart tool to format the hard drive of a destination computer

. Then you copy the image from the network share and begin the installation by running Setup.exe.

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